Becoming a Host

If you are a resident of the Puget Sound area and are interested in becoming a homestay host through ABODE, you should follow the steps below:

1. Verify that you can meet the minimum qualifications - You must be able and willing to provide the items below, which are promised to homestay guests.

  1. A. Traditional Homestay includes three meals per day, seven days per week. Homestay guests will learn how to make their own breakfast and lunch. Hosts should plan to eat dinner with their homestay guests most nights of the week. Hosts should also plan to accompany their guests on activities and family events.
  2. B. Bed & Breakfast Homestay allows more independence. Guests will be responsible for their own food and cooking. Hosts will share the kitchen and other common areas of their home. Although the Bed & Breakfast Homestay does not require the same daily commitment as the Traditional Homestay, hosts should enjoy the aspects of cultural exchange with their guest.

2. Call Abode at (206) 527-8654 to request an application. Fill out the application and return it to our office. Check the Contact Us page for our address and fax number.

3. Attend the host orientation meeting (the details will be in your application packet).

4. Schedule a home visit with a representative from ABODE.

5. Hosts are paid a monthly fee by their homestay guest. Fees vary according to the school the student is attending and the type of homestay arrangement desired. See Homestay Options and Pricing for more information. Homestay guests pay hosts directly. For short stay groups pricing and payment details will be determined by ABODE.

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