Homestay hostMinimum Stay

If you will be attending a school on the academic quarter system, you must plan to stay in our homestay program for a minimum of one academic quarter or three months. Please take note that if you exit the ABODE homestay program within your first three months, you may be responsible for payment of the balance of the minimum stay.

Vacation Policy

If you want to go out of town while you are living in an ABODE homestay, please follow the guidelines below.

This policy is revised periodically in an effort to make it fair and understandable for homestay guests and families. Please call us if you need assistance in determining your rate!

Please see Pricing for current rates.

Cancellation Policy

It is our goal that the homestay experience be enjoyable for both the homestay guest and the host. Please communicate with us if there is a problem so that we can resolve it together. We can help you resolve many types of problems, such as misunderstandings, cross-cultural problems, and missed expectations.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve problems with your hosts and would like a new homestay, we will be happy to assist you. We will place you with a different host at no extra charge during the first academic quarter or first three months of your homestay. We promise we will not discuss your problems with your host without your permission. We will discuss with you, ways to create a successful homestay situation with new hosts. Then, we will make a new placement and arrangements for you to move into your new homestay. If after the first academic quarter or first three months and you need to move, we will ask that you pay a reapplication fee.

Terms of the Cancellation Policy

Minors Policy

Homestay Agreement 

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