Homestay Student Agreement


ABODE makes every effort to be fair and equitable to both hosts and homestay guests. Homestay guests and hosts are required to read and agree to certain homestay guidelines. Please consider the agreement below carefully, to ensure you are willing and able to fully participate in our homestay program.

Three months minimum: We expect homestay guests to stay in their homestay at least an academic quarter (three months). The homestay is not just a convenient place to live temporarily while you search for an apartment. Hosts put a lot of effort into welcoming you and helping you learn your way around the area. In return, we expect you to participate in the host's daily life for a minimum of three months.

Two weeks' notice: By signing the Homestay Agreement, you promise to try homestay for one academic term (usually 3 months). After that, if you would like to move to an apartment, you must give your host family at least two weeks' notice. This means that your have paid the host for two weeks' from the date you inform them you are moving. Even if you choose to move out before the end of two weeks, the hosts must be paid for the full two weeks. Don't wait to tell them your plans on moving; hosts need to know in advance what is happening in their home.

Changing host families: Homestay guests who are having trouble in their homestay are welcome to call or email ABODE. We welcome the opportunity to make the homestay experience rewarding for homestay guests and hosts alike. Your first month in the homestay is considered a trial period. It may be that the homestay we chose for you does not meet your needs. After we discuss it with you, we would be glad to choose a different homestay for you and arrange for you to move. We do not expect you to stay in an uncomfortable situation, and we will make every effort to move you as quickly as possible. We will move you to a different host, free of charge, within your first six months of your homestay. After that, you will need to pay another placement fee.

Diversity: Our hosts reflect our cultural diversity, and each host is different. We have hosts from various ethnic groups, socio-economic levels, religions, and lifestyles. What our hosts have in common is a willingness to open their homes to people from different cultures. Although we are committed to making appropriate and comfortable homestay matches, we cannot accommodate requests for hosts of a specific racial background, of a specific religion, with a specific number of children, or any other characteristic. Please be open to experiencing the cultural diversity we are so proud of.

Host's home rules: Each host has a unique lifestyle, and as a result will have a unique set of household rules. You are expected to follow these rules as a member of the family. Your host will explain the rules when you arrive. These rules could include what chores each household member is responsible for, whether you can invite your friends over, how late you can receive phone calls, and where you might be allowed to smoke. Most homestay guests seem to adapt easily to their hosts' lifestyles, just as hosts have made many adjustments in their homes to accommodate international homestay guests.

Your payment: You are responsible to pay your host a monthly stipend. The rate is published in ABODE information (and on the website), and is not negotiable. Your monthly payment is due each month on the date you moved in, in full and on time. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions regarding your payment.

Moving out: When you move out, you must return your key, provide your new contact information (for forwarding mail and phone calls), and leave your room as clean as it was when you moved in. You are also responsible for any damages caused by you at your homestay.

Liability: ABODE Homestays, Inc. makes every effort to ensure their homestay guests' safety and comfort. ABODE cannot be held liable for damages due to problems between members of the host family and the homestay guest, but the ABODE staff will try to help mediate and suggest compromises which are fair to all parties.

You are responsible for your own personal belongings. While we screen our hosts carefully and believe they are trustworthy, it is never a good idea to keep large amounts of cash or other high-priced, uninsured valuables in your room. Neither ABODE nor your host will be responsible for the loss or damage of your personal belongings, unless proved to be caused by a member of the host family. Any disputes or questions should be directed to ABODE. We cannot help you if you don't let us know there is a problem. We are available in case of emergencies 7 days a week.

Any disputes or questions should be directed to ABODE. We cannot help you if you don’t let us know there is a problem. We are available in case of emergencies 7 days a week.

I have read and understood the above contract. I understand that by signing this contract, I am responsible for the rules outlined in it. I agree to participate in the homestay program to the best of my ability.

I hereby request ABODE to make an appropriate homestay placement for me based on the information contained in this application.

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Signature of parent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years old ______________________________
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